Metal Buildings~Red Iron~Pole Barns

Metal Buildings of South Carolina is the local source for building high-quality metal buildings. Whether you need large commercial metal buildings or something smaller, you can count on the experts at MBSC to give you the structure you need.  We will handle your whole project from conception to construction.

At Metal Buildings of South Carolina., we have built a reputation with owners, manufacturers and sub-contractors as a reliable, skilled and professionally operated prefabricated steel builder.

 If you are in need of a metal building, we can help you decide on which one is the best fit for your project. 

Pole Barns

A Pole Barn is a building or shelter that uses wood framing and metal panels. Pole barns are a more economical efficient way to provide a metal building. Pole barns can be fully or partially enclosed. Pole barns can be used to store RV's, boats, tractors, animals or other equipment that you’d like to keep under cover. Whatever your need, MBSC can assist you in building it.

What Kind of Pole Barns can MBSC build? 

We assemble kits for open shelters, fully enclosed structures, or any combination of the two, as well as lean-to’s. We provide trusses in a variety of widths (12’, 16’, 20’, 24’, 30’, and 40’) and can provide you with trusses up to 60’ by special order. We provide all of the wood structural elements (columns, purlins, fascia), roofing, trim components and we take care of permitting and any other needs you may have for a turnkey product.

A Pole Barn ordered from MBSC comes complete with everything the project requires.

Open Standard Kits Include: Steel Trusses, Metal Roofing, Fascia Metal, Drip Edge, Gable Trim, Ridge Caps, Screws, Bolts, 6x6 Posts and 2x6 Purlins.

Enclosed Standard Building Kits Include: Everything in our Standard Open Kits plus Wall Panels, 2x6 Wall Girts, Starter Flashing, and Outside Corner Trim.

Red Iron Buildings

Metal Buildings of South Carolina offers red iron buildings.  Red Iron is steel. A red iron structure is steel framing and steel panels. Our Steel buildings can come in grey or red. Red iron, like the name suggests, is a red material which is made from steel, but it is sprayed with a red iron oxide after it is manufactured. But this isn’t used just for aesthetics. The red iron oxide used for the steel will act as a barrier to protect the steel from water.

Red Iron buildings are a great option when dealing with heavy equipment and large storage needs. We have constructed a classic car garage, heavy equipment garages, storage spaces with mini apartments attached and even residential homes aka "barndominiums" all made from red iron steel.